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Tumbleweed Danger Rangers and the Shadow From the Other Side

by Lindsey Pherson

Inside a secret government compound hidden high in the mountains of Steele, Wyoming is a portal to another world: a dark and twisted world where trees move, people are inside-out, wrong-side-up, and covered in fur, animals walk on their forelegs and have horns for tails, and the statues aren’t statues at all. Dr. Janet Jackal is trying to keep the portal safe while Captain Specter is trying to keep the world safe from it. General Gangly just wants to close the portal to the other side forever.

Anika “Nik” Arson and Brayden “Bray” Burns are the worst troublemakers in Steele. When Bray’s conspiracy theorist dad tells him about a secret government compound in the mountains, no one believes him, but Bray’s determined to prove to his friends that the men in black really are soldiers and the people in white lab coats are (probably) mad scientists. Along with Ruby Racer and Sylar Starr, the most popular kids in school, Nik and Bray and Dr. Jackal’s son, Jordi, sneak into the compound. When they get inside, they don’t find a secret formula for superpowers like they’d hoped. Instead they discover a portal to another world that’s dangerous and terrible. They barely escape with their lives and think they’ve gotten away with it, but what they brought back with them is worse than any punishment their parents could ever give them.

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