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Frequently Asked Questions

Is digital publishing right for me?

Digital publishing is different than print publishing in many ways. Digital books are available for purchase on the Internet and are not typically found in major physical books stores. Many traditional authors lament the lack of physical presence of their books in traditional bookstores. Authors without access to the Internet should not publish digitally, as digital publishing often comes with the expectation that the author will actively work to market themselves and their own work. Digital authors should have a valid email address and check it at least once a week. Social media, networking, blogs and personal websites are an important part of digital publishing and are expected of any author wishing to be successful. There are many resources for authors wishing to market their work, including many social and business networking sites, online writers’ forums and groups, Amazon Author’s Pages, Author’s Den and others. If you are prepared to market your work through these avenues, as well as any other appropriate venues, digital publishing may be right for you. Most digital publishers do not pay advances. However, royalties are traditionally much higher and sales of e-books are quickly rivaling and often surpassing traditional print media.

Does Diogenes Club Press publish their books in print?

Yes. We have expanded into print publishing, and all our books are available in print. Print books are for sale on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble online, and are available for purchase in bulk at local book stores.

Does Diogenes Club Press publish in any other formats?

Yes. We are very pleased and proud to announce we have moved into the arena of audiobooks. Our narrators include award-winning audiobook narrators, professional voice actors from television and film, and talented newcomers interested in breaking into the field. If we decide to pursue audio production of your book, we will offer a separate contract.

Does the Club accept non-traditional genres? My book is a cross-over genre or does not fall into a traditional publishing category.

The Club would be highly eager to see a work of this nature. Please see our submission guidelines and submit it to us directly.

How do I submit my book?

Send a query email to submissions@diogenesclubpress.com. Include a cover letter with a 300 word or less synopsis of your book, your contact and bio information, genre and word count of your book. Include the first three chapters pasted in the email or as a .doc or .rtf attachment. Please see our Submission Guidelines for complete instructions.

Does the Club use the content of my submission without my permission?

We here at the Club respect author’s rights. No part of your submission, including your manuscript, name, contact information, query, synopsis, etcetera will be used without your permissions and without first offering you a contract for publication. At that time, only the work for which you have been offered a contract will be used by Diogenes Club Press. Once you have joined the Club, your author biography information may be used, as well as any bio photograph provided by you to us in any promotional material as we see fit and only in such a way as will contribute to the success of your work.

If I sign a contract with Diogenes Club Press, will I lose all creative control over my book?

You will not. The Club will not offer you a contract until the submitted work satisfies both the author and the Club. If we like your story but your manuscript is not suitable for publication, we may offer suggestions as to how it may be made suitable and allow you to re-submit your manuscript once changes have been made. You are under no obligation to make said changes or re-submit your work; the Club is under no obligation to accept your re-submitted manuscript if it still does not meet our standards. Once you have joined the Club, you may submit a final edit of your manuscript, should you feel it is required. The Club reserves the right to refuse to accept the final edit, should we feel it has been detrimentally altered. However, the Club is happy to work with their authors to ensure the completed project meets the standards of both the author and Diogenes Club Press.

Do I have to pay for anything if Diogenes Club Press accepts my book?

No. The Club pays all costs associated with the electronic, print and audio publishing of your book. However, should you reject the cover art the Club provides for your book, you may be responsible for providing your own book cover.

Where will my book be sold?

In addition to our website, e-Books from Diogenes Club Press are available in multi-formats on Amazon Kindle, iTunes, Barnes and Noble Nook, Smashwords, and other electronic retailers. We are always seeking to expand our readership potential and will add retailers as often as possible. Our books may be purchased in every typical electronic format. Royalties to author are traditionally higher for books sold directly from the Club. Books are priced based on industry standards. Currently, most new e-books from major e-bookstores are priced at approx. $2.99-$9.99USD. The Club may offer your book at a discounted price directly from our website. Author may refuse to offer their book at a discounted price or may request an additional discount or promotional code for marketing purposes.

How long does it take for my book to be available for purchase once I’ve joined the Club?

We here at the Club are very keen. Depending upon the length of the queue and the edits required for your book, it may take between 3-12 months for your book to be available at our major online retailers. Your book will be listed on our Coming Soon page as soon as we receive your signed contract and will feature the cover of the book as soon as it has been provided by you or created by us. Once your manuscript has been accepted by the Club, a projected time frame for publication will be made available to you.

How is my book marketed by the Club?

Marketing for electronic books is different from print publishing. It is a perpetual process, and often electronic books do very well many months after the have already been available in the public forum. The author is expected to market their book to the best of their abilities, utilizing social media, online forums, online review sites, author’s pages, appearances, etcetera. The Club will provide your book to a number of online review sites, as appropriate to the genre of your book. In addition, the Club will make appearances and advertise for our titles in all appropriate venues. We will offer your titles on all pertinent online retailers and offer promotions to readers. We will feature our books in all available venues. Our marketing team is constantly working to adopt new and innovative methods and ideas for marketing and advertising electronic books. They are dedicated to your success as an author. Marketing tips will be provided to the author upon being accepted into the Club.

How do I get reviews for my book?

Reviews are important for the marketing of any book. There are many online review sites that offer review services to authors. These sites accept book submissions for review. The Club authorizes the author to offer a free copy of their book to these sites for review, provided they direct our attention to the review. You may request reviews from friends, associates, etcetera. Readers may review your book on sites like Amazon, as well as other online retailers. You may ask anyone you like to write a review on these sites, as this option is available to the general public. We suggest gathering as many reviews of your book as possible, as they are often the reason buyers choose to buy or reject particular titles. The Club will send your book for review to as many pertinent sites as we are able. We will notify you when we have done so in order to prevent duplicate submissions to already very busy sites. You may also ask other members of the Club to review your book, in exchange for reviewing theirs. The Club is happy to provide copies of books free of charge to members of the Club, provided they write a review of said book which may be used for promotional purposes.

Will I get a copy of my book?

The Club will provide you with a free final copy of your book in PDF and/or format, which you may use for promotional purposes. If you would like a copy of your book in another format, you may request one. Club members may purchase additional titles from our site at a discounted price.

If you have questions that have not been addressed, please contact us at strangerroom@diogenesclubpress.com. Additional FAQ’s will be added as needed to address these questions and concerns. Thank you for visiting the Club.
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