DC Dreams, In Imprint of Diogenes Club Press

An Imprint of Diogenes Club Press

"Worldly, Whimsical, and Weird Books"


by Stella Drexler

Dreary, desolate Spectra City is infested with thieves, criminals, low-lives and gruesome creatures in black cloaks that roam the poor districts and snatch people from the streets. Corrupt city officials deny rumors of chanters, citizens who possess strange, inexplicable, and dangerous powers that lay waste to the city and battle each other in the streets. The Creeds and Mobleys, Spectra City’s wealthiest and most powerful families, control the city’s officials and command the police forces. Only Chant, an underground organization of chanters, and their leader, tenacious Assistant District Attorney Balthazar Barbosa, are willing to stand up to the depraved chanters, capricious Mobleys and ruthless Creeds who bend the city to their will. But the Chanters are going missing one by one, only to reappear weeks later as a wasted, gibbering, inhuman shell with their powers mysteriously sucked out of them. When Cedric Knight is taken by the grisly creatures, his sister, Cerys, travels to Spectra City to find out what’s happened to him. As she investigates her brother‘s disappearance, Cerys meets handsome, inscrutable Lex Creed and his charming, devious brother, Nico, whom Barbosa and his Chanters suspect are behind the terrifying creature attacks. Cerys joins Chant’s crusade against the Creeds, becomes entangled in a decades old blood feud between the Creeds and Mobleys, and discovers an even more violent clash between brothers that threatens to shake Spectra City to the ground.

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