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Our Authors

Stella Drexler

Stella is the author of Hex Breaker available from SynergeBooks, CHANT and Angel of the Abyss from DC Press, and the upcoming Nightmare Island Series from Writers-Exchange, as well as several other novels, comics, short stories, essays and shopping lists. She lives in Dallas, Texas. In between working on new books or picking up some new expensive, time-consuming hobby until she gets bored with it, Stella can often be found exploring, adventuring, eating, drinking, dancing, singing, shopping, laughing, sighing, smiling, and living in the moment.

Read Stella’s blog at http://www.stelladrexler.wordpress.com

Ellie Prophet

Eleanor is an author, columnist, editor, lady of leisure and amateur sleuth. Her most popular works include the Astrid Darby Adventures and the Tess Mercury series. When she isn’t writing books, short stories, essays and articles of questionable veracity, she is typically enjoying the attentions of Mr Prophet, a dashing international man of mystery and intrigue. Her favourite activities include larking about, rule-breaking, mischief-making and getting to the bottom of things. She often receives fascinating, comical and occasionally disturbing mail to her desk and publishes on the Downy Blower for the public’s information, entertainment and frequent outrage.

Read The Downy Blower at http://www.ellieprophet.wordpress.com

Delia Cortez

Delia is the author of the sizzling Brownyn Liddle Vampire Fables from DC Press. A private, soft-spoken and enigmatic lady, she rarely leaves her isolated seaside home before nightfall. She spends her time lingering in the shadows, appreciating the darker side of life, and penning her raciest fantasies for others to enjoy.

To contact Delia, email her at strangerroom@diogenesclubpress.com

Barbara Thornton-Haas

Barbara, a classically trained fine artists, attended North Texas State University and the Atlanta College of Art, completing a major in painting and printmaking. Ms. Thornton understudied with successful teaching professionals in Texas, Atlanta and Philadelphia. 

Since the age of seventeen, Ms. Thornton has made a living in the fine arts industry, paying her way through school by creating quick portraits, caricatures and illustrations of all kinds. Throughout the years, Ms. Thornton has worked in many media and has exhibited her talents in art shows all over the country, but her forte is oil portrait painting.

To find Barbara online, visit http://barbarathorntonart.com.