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An Imprint of Diogenes Club Press

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About Us

Diogenes Club Press loves books. Our contributors include a collection of authors, editors, publishers, technical communicators, readers, scholars and educators. Combining several years of experience in writing, publishing, design, and marketing, we are a non-subsidy, royalty-paying publishing house whose titles are made available in trade paperback, audiobook and multiple eBook formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible, iTunes, Smashwords, and wherever fine eBooks are sold.

We love reading, writing and sharing great books with others. We love discovering books and writers who rivet us in their stories. We are always seeking to discover, nurture and promote new authors or established authors interested in expanding their electronic, print or audio presence. We invite you to embark upon this journey with us.

We can be reached at strangerroom@diogenesclubpress.com.

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